Beneficial bugs for your garden

1. Ladybird

Ladybugs or ladybird beetles are categoried as beneficial bugs for any garden to have. Why is it categorized as such? It has been researched that in its lifetime it would consume thousands of aphids or mealybugs. These aphids and mealybugs are the kind of bugs which destroy one’s crop in the garden. Thus if you ever find any ladybird lying around your house, don’t kill it, instead move it into you little garden so you can have your very own garden security against pests. Plus, having some ladybugs in your garden would add more color to it.

Source – Planet Natural Research Center

Baja Milagro Bee

2. Encarsia Formosa

Encarsia Formosa also known as the whitefly parasite is another one of the beneficial bugs that can help combat the pest problem in your garden, specifically the whiteflies. These parasitoids combat the whitefly infestation by implanting their eggs into the whitefly pupa or larvae. The eggs in turn will suck the pupa or larvae dry once they reach maturity. They do however prefer warm, humid and well-lit conditions therefore, making them the perfect solution for indoor or greenshouse gardens which is also the prefered conditions of whiteflies.

Source – Planet Natural Research Center

Baja Milagro Mealybug

3. Mealybug

 Cryptolaemus montrouzieri or Mealybug destroyer. This pint sized little fellow preys on all species of mealybugs and just like its name not a single mealybug shall be spared once they crossed path. Furthermore, just like the ladybirds, they also prey on aphids and other soft-shell garden pests.

Source – Planet Natural research Center

Baja Milagro Fungus Gnat

4. Fungus Gnat

     Stratiolaelaps scimitus or more commonly known as the Fungus Gnat predator, is a soil type mite species that feeds on Fungus Gnat, most commonly found feeding on plant roots. These small, brown soil mite also prey on other types of soilborne pest larvae making it an excellent guard for your plant underneath the soil.

Source – Planet natural Research Center

Baja Milagro Soldier Beetle

5. Soldier Beetle

Podisus maculiventris otherwise known as soldier bugs or soldier beetles. Their life cycle begins as a larva that prey upon the eggs of all types of garden pest as well as soft-bodied insects such as aphids. Moreover, they also mimic honey bees or bumble bees in their ability to pollinate one’s garden as they also feed on nectars. Thus, pollination will occur when they fling from one flower to another.

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