The sunflower or scientifically named, Helianthus Anuus comes from the family of Asteraceae of the plantae kingdom. The sunflower head that we see in our life is actually what we called a “False Flower“. Why is it so?

Well, the sunflower head is actually made up of clusters of tiny flowers that is called florets. These florets vary in color whereby the central florets replicate the colour akin to a central part of a flower, while the outer florets replicate the yellowy colour that makes up the petals of the “False Flower”. This seemingly outrageous and miraculous design in nature actually serves a purpose. That purpose is in fact attraction. The False Flower helps in attracting insects that would pollinate the flowers whereby the pollinated flowers would then produce seeds.

On a side note, one sunflower plant can produce up to 2,000 seeds after pollination. With that in mind, it really does make one ponder as to how one can make money from it seeing that sunflower oil have solidified its popularity amongst the masses. The seeds can also be mixed with rye flour to make a type of bread called Sonnenblumenkernbrot. It can even be used to make a peanut butter substitute called Sunbutter. Moreover, not only can these striking flowers be used as a food source they can also be processed into Biodiesel. Imagine that, getting profit and making the world a beautiful place in one stroke. Now that’s a win – win situation if I ever saw one.

[Source – S & W

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