Ah, tomatoes. With it’s striking red colour that can surely catch the eyes of any passerby. The perfect roundness that screams “I’m juicy, eat me”. It’s no wonder some of us go crazy for tomatoes.

The tomato plant or Solanum lycopersicum is part of the Solanaceae or Nightshade family of the plantae kingdom. Logically, tomato is considered as a fruit since it consist of the ovary together with the seeds of the plant. However, since its sugar content is much lower than the typical fruits that we eat, it is normally served in salads or vegetables side dish. Thus, tomatoes are categorize as “Culinary vegetables“. A similar example would be the Chili peppers.

On a side note, eating tomatoes can help in maintaining blood pressure and reduce blood sugar level for those suffering from diabetes. Moreover, it has also been studied that high intake of tomatoes can help prevent against prostate and colon cancer.

Mental note: – If your buying your tomatoes, always make sure that you wash it thoroughly first as tomatoes have been said to be one of the five fruits and veggies that have high amount of pesticide residue on them.

Source – Bee Better

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