Critical Solid Waste Issue In Malacca​

The capacity of landfill in Melaka has reached the maximum level because almost 1200 tonnes of waste per day are disposed to Melaka landfill which has accommodated 720, 000 tonnes of waste since two years of operation. This solid waste problem affects air pollution and the environment.

The most worrying environmental issue is the production of methane gas from anaerobic waste composting that allows the concentration of methane gas to reach up to 50% of the air composition at the landfill site which contributes to the improvement of the greenhouse gas effect.

In addition, liquid diffuse from waste will threaten surface and groundwater systems. Hence, drastic and effective measures to overcome the problem of waste dumps and environmental pollution problems in Melaka were made by Haji Mat Haji Jantan Sdn. Bhd.​

What Is Milagro Mean?

The name Milagro is derived from the Spanish word meaning ‘miracle’. The word Milagro is also given the second meaning of ‘million of agro’ which is more suited to the company’s main purpose in implementing Milagro’s organic fertilizer project to encourage more people who love organic fertilizer based on cultivation. Milagro organic fertilizer is a high quality, 100% organic fertilizer produced through decomposition and digestion of organic solid waste, animal feces and plant waste. Milagro organic fertilizer can be used before planting and during planting from seedling stage to flowering or fruiting stage for all types of crops as recommended.

Product Properties

  • • NPK + Surface Element> 30%
    • No harmful bacteria
    • C: N ratio ideal (18: 1)
    • Low content of heavy metals (<8 mg / kg)
    • High pH (8.1, Alkali)
    • High content of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and organic matter

The Benefits

  • • 100% organic and environmentally friendly
    • Increase the absorption of nutrients and water from the soil
    • Promotes microorganism activity in the soil
    • Improve plant resistance to disease
    • Improve crop yield and quality
    • Reduce on plantation costs such as land treatment costs and poisoning costs • Increase soil fertility
    • Promotes the growth of tree roots
    • Free from harmful bacteria, only good bacteria in Milagro’s organic fertilizer
    • Reducing dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Recommendation Rate of Milagro Fertilization

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