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Twenty times more beneficial bacteria—1.0 million to 2.0 million colonies—help the body absorb nutrients and boost its natural defences against pathogens and stress.


A natural insect repellent that works by repelling pests and interfering with their digestive systems, which can lead to the insects’ demise contain bioactive components derived from plant extracts.


Created naturally from the chitosan oligosaccharide found in shrimp skin that aids in preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria or diseases and is suited for all kinds of plants.

We create value for our product

Parameters used in our product

Complete Nutrients & Amino Acid

Soil PH Neutralizer

Increase plant Tolerance

99.9% Patahogen-free (MS1517:2012)

Contain secondary Metabolities (Sterol,Phenol & Humic Acid)

inhibits Reproduction Of Next Generation Insects

Improve Plant's Immune System

Does Not Damage Crops & Environment

Prevent Growts Pathogen

Effective For Controlling Pests

Encourage Plant Physiologycal Process

Made Of 100% Organic Materials

Increase Growth Rate Of Roots

Benefit 3

Increase the rates of tree tolerance

Benefit 2

Construct  double protection 

Benefit 1

Helps immediately balance the pH of soil


Includes specific organic  biological substances

Includes all 12 necessary nutrients and amino acid for tree growth.

Contains a “Secondary Metabolite” that gives the tree resistance to stress.

The impact of improvements on crops as early as three days.

Contains beneficial bacteria that aid in protecting plants, particularly the roots.

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