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Let us introduce our company

Our Purpose

Our aim is to grow business and foster the people in a sustainable manner, and recognize that meeting goals in this regard must come through good and effective governance hence producing good product. We have set out the standards of quality and excellence to which we hold all our employees and business associates

Our Mission

1. Preserving and improving environmental sustainability
2. Create a clean and healthy environment
3. Reducing selected solid waste from landfills

Our Vision

Triggering the quantum leap of the paradigm shift to the organic agriculture sector in Malaysia

Milagro's Core Values


Ensuring and always improving our knowledge, skills and technological capabilities to create better efficient system towards improving product quality and production method

Customer First

Will always improve the quality advisory services and to serve customers with respect and prudent

Results Oriented

Ensuring commitment to improve the quality, in terms of the product effectiveness and productivity in the organization. Recognize the outstanding achievements and reward them accordingly


Cultivating and productive togetherness and inclusiveness to achieve quality that are beneficial with high

Milagro, Your Trusted Fertilizer

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