Milagro Organic Fertilizer Process


SMART TECHNOLOGY reduces digestion time to just 24 hours. The new materials used are chicken manure and saw dusts. The main advantage of Smart Technology are lessen of CO2 release. It release minimum CO2 and water byproducts Our system offers a simple solution to the problems faced by many business when looking to dispose organic wastes.

Our technology works by combining special enzymes which operate under thermophilic conditions and a specially designed digestor. Our enzymes are specially formulated after years of rigorous research. It is a natural cocktail which contains a variety of naturally occurring micro-organism. They work at thermophilic phase and break down complex organic compounds inside the organic wastes into simpler organic matter at an unprecedented speed.

The digestor is specifically designed to provide an optimum working environment for the special enzymes to accelerate the aerobic digestion. Our digestor can operate on various energy sources with high durability, efficiencies and minimal maintenance. This automated digestor uses an enclosed system to treat organic wastes. The digestor operates at high temperature (>80°) for 24 hours. The end product is a 100% pure certified organic fertiliser – rich in organic matter, and free of pathogens such as e.coli and salmonella.

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