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The Board Of Directors

Haji Mat Bin Haji Jantan

CEO / Founder

Born in Melaka in 1960 is the Director of HMJ Bizpoint Sdn Bhd and the founder of Milagro. Start to maneuver from a sole proprietorship since 2016 and never stop. Previously operated the company HJ Mat Hj Jantan Sdn Bhd which has been operating since 1984 in the waste management service field. He holds a Diploma with Honors in Business Administration from the University of Malaya. Apparently involved in the business for over 40 years which brings extensive expertise and experience in plantation, maintenance and cleaning services as well as the maintenance of sewage systems. The man is catalyst for Milagro has a very big mission to give birth to 40 millionaires and 3,000 mini nurseries in Malaysia in near future. He leads cohorts of leader in the group company to go for listing in Malaysia Exchange Market in 3 years will surely need Results-Orientated person with skilled in developing business plans that consistently meet or exceed commercial goals while initiating the changes necessary to achieve strategic objectives in extremely competitive markets. He has proven ability to orchestrate multi-functional activities and brings to closure successful strategies for the company growth and profitability.

Siti Aisha Binti Haji Mat

COO / Mastermind

Siti Aisha was born in October 1993 in Melaka. This iron lady is a highly motivated and experienced executive in the field of business analytics and sales, having spent almost nine years in leadership positions across various companies in the Group of Companies of HMJ.

She previously studied Mechanical Engineering and graduated from at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). She served as Directors in the group. She formerly held various leadership roles in The Groups and play business intelligence provider to the team and companies. Her role significantly boosts up the sales of their own organic fertilizer product, Milagro. Business has been better ever with her passionate to strive. 

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