The specialty of Milagro is powder-shaped

Milagro suitable for every plant. Fruits plant, flowers, vegetables, eventhough for palm tree

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Yes, Milagro has microbs’ species which carry function as bio-control agents that work really well on various types of plants pathogen.

There’s lot of cause why leaves became curly.

  1. Virus attack
  2. Overdose dosage of fertilizer

Difference between those caused stated above, is that the virus attacked symptom starts from its shoot. The shoot will turns to light green and wrinkled/ curled.

While the overdose dosage symptom, the leaves will turns to dark green, thicker, wrinkled and burnt all along side of the leaves.

The stunted tree showed that the tree was not healthy. Unhealthy trees are caused by many factors. Among them:
1. Dehydration
2. Overwatering
2. Lack of nutrients
3. Pest attack
The physical state of the tree can illustrate the cause of the stunted tree. The table below shows the root causes and physical conditions of the tree.


Cause of the stunted treePhysical conditions of the tree
Lack of waterThe leaves became pale and wilted
Flowers and buds fall
The leaves become brown, fall and die
Lack of macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and sulphur Trees and roots stunted
Yellowish leaf
Lack of micronutrientsYellowish on leaf veins

Burned leaves

OverwateringThe formation of retarded roots
The capillary roots die
Yellowish leaf
Stunted growth
Pest attackInsect eating leaves

Stunted trees

Discolored leaves and dry

Deformed leaves and sucking damage


Lack of organic matter in the soil inhibit the growth of trees. Good soil has enough organic substance. Appropriate organic substance helps to repair ventilation and store water and soil nutrients

Among the causes of non-stick or fall flower is pest attack or plant fails to absorb nutrients / nutrient deficiency. Plant fails to absorb nutrient due to the affected roots. The plant media need to be examined in terms of pH and so the root of the tree became healthy. Tips for identifying nutrients that failed to be absorbed by the tree until the buds flower bud falls before bloom is as below.


Types of nutrientsSymptom deficiency
Calcium Stunted growth

Leaves curled
The tip of the leaves is like burning

Dropping of buds

Boron Discolorations of leaves buds
Flower buds die
Fragile and curly leaves
CopperThe young leaves wilted and the edges like burns

Flower buds wilted
Slow growth of trees

PhosphorusPlant short and dark green

Stem becoming purplish

Smaller stem sizes

Slow growth of trees

Dropping of fruit buds

Healthy plant will bloom when the time comes. But the tree needs care and ‘food’ for flowering. Among the essentials of living and flowering plants are:-

  1. Root : Tree needs a healthy root to blossom. If the tree is planted in a pot, make sure the water does not stagnate as it will cause the roots to break down and kill the tree.
  2. Prunning : hard-cut trees like bougainvillea needs toneed to be pricked to make new shoots and produce flowers
  3. Soil : It is important for soil to be loose and not packed down and contain lots of organic substance. Compacted soil such as clay makes it harder for plant roots to spread out. This limits their access to soil nutrients and weakens the plant’s hold in the ground.
  4. Water : Plant needs water but overwatering will damages the tree. For example, bougainvillea only need to be watered once a day while the soft stems need plenty of water.
  5. Fertilizer : Plant needs enough nutrients to bloom. Lack of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium will cause the plant to not flowering. Recommendation rate of fertilization is made every two weeks.
  6. Sun : The sun provides warmth and energy for plants to survive. Plants use the sun’s energy to makes their own food energy in their leaves. Not enough sun will slow down a plant’s growth and even kill it. Too much sun can be a problem too, if the plant and soil are drying out too quickly.

Termites are pests. Termites ate and damaged wooden structures. In addition, termites can also cause damage to the agricultural sector in Malaysia. Termitesi usually attack rubber and mango trees where the termites attack the inside of the wood and eat it before eating the outside. The attacked tree will die and fall. Therefore, if the land has been found to be a landmark of termites, avoid planting in the area unless the termite nest in the ground has been abolished

Yes. Milagro can be use for unproductive plant. Milagro will beautify the leaves of the tree because the Milagro has macro nutrient (Nitrogen) works for greenish leaves.

As mention on the flyers. One spoon is estimated at 5 grams.

Fertilization is more appropriate after a few days to give space to the root of the tree to hold on the new soil and adapt to the new atmosphere. Ensure that the water is adequately provided to prevent dry and stressed trees

The usage of Milagro are about the same as the other organic fertilizer. Fertilizers need to be spread around the tree about 1 feet from tree base because we want to ensure the fertilizer is easily absorbed by the roots. This is because, The root of the tree grows according to the growth of the tree, the larger the tree grows further the roots to find nutrients and water. Thats why we need to distance from the base because the area close to the active roots to absorb nutrients. The use of Milagro at the base is actuallydoesnt affect the growth of the plant compared to the chemical fertilizer that will cause the tree to become worn and wilted.

  • Nourishing the dead soil because of too long using chemical fertilizers
  • Improve existing soil fertility
  • Encourage the root growth
  • Beautify the color and texture of the tree leaves
  • Speeds up flowering and fruit trees
  • Increase the crop yield
  • Milagro has microbs’ species which carry function as bio-control agents to reduce the risk of disease / insect

Milagro can be mix with water with ratio 1kg Milagro and 3 litre of water but it should be left for 12 days and stirred 2 times a day. After 12 days, the mixture can be filtered and used to fertilize. Make sure the oxygen supply is sufficient to avoid the unpleasant smell because the microbs found in the fertilizer need oxygen.

Average palm yield after using Milagro is 2 tons / acre. The following is the cost of palm care and the profitability of palm oil for a year and the monthly average of 1 acres of palm oil.

Cost of harvest (12 months x 2 times)RM60 x 12 months x 2 times x 2 tonneRM2880

Cost of poisoning (once every 3 months)

RM60 x 1 acre x (12/3)RM 240
Cost of fertilization (once every 4 months)1 kg/tree x 60 tree/acre x RM7/kg x (12/4)RM 1260

Palm Fruit Sales

2 tonne x 12 months x RM400RM 9600

Profit a year

Palm oil sales – harvest cost – poisoning costs – fertilizer costs

RM 5220
Monthly Profit (Average)

Profit per year / 12

RM 435


Milagro still not used in hydroponic systems. However, we will inform the user if Milagro has proven to be successful in the hydroponic system.

Normally, the weight of fertilizers on the soil is less than fertilized in pots. This is because fertilizers that are sown on the ground are likely to be absorbed by other tree roots around the wooded areas besides being absorbed by the growing grass in pots.

Nutrients from fertilizers into pots are easier to control because the roots of the tree will only absorb the nutrients found in pots from fertilization.

The rate of fertilizer depends on the type of tree and the age of the tree. Seedlings require a little fertilizer quantity over mature trees. It is just like a human who needs a lot of food when grown up. Therefore, follow the recommended tempering rates on the flyers.

For Milagro fertilizer, due to the fact that these fertilizers are organic, the over-fertilization of the adult trees is no problem but the seedlings need to be given with a small quantity as it’s still young to gain excessive fertilizer.

After a week has been transferred to the pot / polybag / ground. The tree needs to be given time to root strongly on new soil.

For vegetables are estimated as early as 2 weeks after planting while fruit trees are as early as one month after planting.

Tut plant is a plant that is propagated by means of ‘tree to get a tree that resembles a parent tree.’

So, the way fertilizers for the tree are produced by is the same as the stems produced through stems and seedlings. The rates of fertilization are as normal as age and species.

Saw dust, chicken manure and Smart Enzime

The weight of 1 packet of Milagro is 1 kg.

Milagro does not contain illicit and unclean substances.

No. Milagro is in its own process by the company.

Milagro can be mix with water with ratio 1kg Milagro and 3 litre of water butbut should be left for 12 days and stirred 2 times a day. After 12 days, the mixture can be filtered and used to fertilize. Make sure the oxygen supply is sufficient to avoid the unpleasant smell because the microbs found in the fertilizer need oxygen.

The specialty of Milagro is powder-shaped. The usage of Milagro are about the same as the other organic fertilizer in orchids that are always practiced by orchid fans. Milagro can be sown only on orchid cultivation media or dissolved in water before use. As mentioned earlier, if Milagro fertilizers are exposed to tree roots, it will not break roots or leaves as Milagro is organic fertilizer.

As mention on the flyers. 5-year-old tree recommended 0.5 kg while after 5-year tree recommended by 1 kg. However, the use of more than 1 kg does not have a bad effect on trees such as mortality risk because Milagro fertilizers are organic fertilizers and even have positive effects such as healthier trees and more fertile soils.

Fertilizers are not just about sowing around the plant but need the right techniques and measures according to the needs of the trees to avoid wastage, energy and time. Lack of understanding techniques will cause fertilized fertilizer to be discharged into the air and brought by rainwater. There are several effective tempering techniques for plant growth and this technique is more suitable for permanent crops such as fruit plants. For flower and vegetable plants, the technique of sowing is more appropriate. Among the effective steaming techniques for Milagro fertilizers are:

  • Distribution techniques

The fertilizer is evenly distributed on the ground by hand or machinery at a distance of 2 feet from the base to the tip of the tree branches. Then the fertilizer must be mixed or wrapped with soil so that it is not carried by rain water and the fertilizer will be absorbed by the active root roots at that distance.

  • Pocket techniques

The hole is made around the tree according to the canopy line of the tree or the ends of the branches. Depth of hole between 10-15 cm and 20 cm wide and 20-30 cm long. The number of holes depends on the size of the tree, the larger the required hole tree. The fertilizer is put into the pit again to prevent erosion by rainwater.

Milagro is suitable for all types of soil. So far there has been no complaints about Milagro mismatches with soil type.

The healthy tree features are:

  • Has a light green shoots

  • The plant stems appear greenish and fresh

  • The leaves are light green, fresh and shiny

  • Young roots are white and surrounded by capillary roots

  • The growth of trees is not stunted

  • The spacing is large, the leaves are large and light green

The selection of uniform and healthy saplings is crucial to produce uniformity of growth in the field. Healthy trees have rapid root growth to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. The cost of care can be reduced by 10-30% if the planted tree is healthy.

When the tree begins to blossom, avoid fertilizing. This is because it will damage the fruit enlargement. Flowers will be easily fall off. Fruit buds are also easy to get damage. Fertilization can be done after the fruit has grown moderately.

In Milagro there are special microbs useful to soil and plants. Therefore, Milagro packages need to be stripped for the living microbs and ventilating of the microbs

Roughly, the effect of using Milagro can be seen within 2 weeks, but if the crop has such a problem as fertile, wilt and so on, the effects can be seen as early as just a few days

The quality of fertilizer will not be decrease. Milagro can be stored up to 3 years.

The MSG found in ajinomoto has been widely used by a number of communities for plant growth. MSG makes sprayed plants giving false stress. The plants will respond by absorbing and removing additional nutrients in the soil. As a result, plants will produce new shoots, size of stems, leaves and fruits to be larger.

However, the effect of using MSG on plants to humans has never been studied. From the information found, the free gypsumic acid sprayed causes an amino acid imbalance in the plant. The free gypsumic acid contained in ajinomoto is also not a gypsyic acid found in proteins but is a synthetic (artificial) product. No one knows the long effects of free gypsum acid spraying on the plant and the effect of the excess waste of MSG spray on the plant. The effect of MSG itself on humans in cooking has been known to many. So users can think of their own effects as they have been known to many people.

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